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Bifurcated Fans

Westmid Fans can supply a quality range of bifurcated axial fans with cylindrical casings, specially developed for handling more hostile air movement applications. Bifurcated fans are designed so that air throughput totally by-passes the motor, keeping the motor out of the airstream in a hostile environment. Westmid Fans stock bifurcated fans from several major manufacturers including Elta Fans and Flaktwoods, together with a range of custom made bifurcated fans in stainless steel and plastic.
Fan sizes stocked range from 250mm to 1,000mm diameter

Cased and Plate Mounted Axial Flow Fans

Westmid Fans supply long and short cased axial and plate fans
These compact plate mounted axial fans are an extremely compact design created by the combination of an internal rotor with factory matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub.

Range: Available in diameters from 250mm to 1000mm

Electrical supplies:

  • Single Phase 230V 50Hz
  • Three Phase 230/400V 50Hz
  • Three Phase 400V 50Hz

Box Fans

Westmid Fans stock  a range of acoustically treated in-line centrifugal single and twin fans for internal mounting, manufactured in galvanised steel with a natural finish. These box fan units are designed to overcome space restrictions in buildings, whilst also providing exceptional sound characteristics when fans are close to building occupants, such as in offices, restaurants and other general quiet areas. Westmid Fans stock box fans from major fan manufacturers, including Flaktwoods, Elta Fans and Pureair

  • Fan sizes from 100mm up to 500mm
  • Robust steel casing
  • Highly efficient forward curved centrifugal fan
  • Single speed motor 
  • External rotor or induction motor
  • Suitable for operating temperatures of up to 40°C
  • Inbuilt vibration isolation
  • Lower noise levels

In Line Duct Fans

Westmid Fans stock a range of plastic and metal in-line centrifugal fans for internal mounting. Duct fans are designed to provide the ideal solution for high performance requirements in medium pressure systems. Westmid Fans stock in line duct fans manufactured by Flaktwoods; Elta Fans and Soler and Palau

  • Fan sizes stocked from 100mm to 355mm diameter in 8 sizes
  • Motors are external rotor, protected to IP44 with Class B insultation.
  • Speed control on all fans
  • Single phase electrical supply

Roof Extract Units

Westmid Fans stock a range of  roof extract units for applications including schools, libraries, offices, factories and general ventilation applications. The roof extract units are designed to satisfy the consultants functional requirements for a direct drive and belt driven roof unit of guaranteed performance, and the architects aesthetic need for a very low contour glass fibre reinforced cowl. Roof extract unitus are stocked from manufacturers that include Flaktwoods; Vent-axia; Ziehl Abegg and Elta Fans.

Sizes from 250mm to 1000mm diameter
Available as supply or extract units
Single and three phase
Full range of accessories available